Rings - Rhodium Plating - give your jewellery a whole new lease of life or change of use.
We take your old rings, replate them in the precious metal, Rhodium, which is then professionally finished and re-polished giving a fantastically bright, metallic, Rhodium glimmer and shine to all types of rings, bangles, necklaces, lockets and chains. Please call or email for more information - Jewellery Repairs Leeds.
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Rhodium plating is a metal deposition process used to coat white gold jewellery with a decorative and protective layer of rhodium.

Rhodium is a noble metal that imparts an extremely bright and hard wearing finish when applied as plating.

When applied as a thin plate, it affords a durable finish of exceptional brightness.

Rhodium finishes can greatly enhance the appearance and longevity to any metal to which they are applied.

It is however important to be aware that rhodium plating will not last for an eternity. the lifespan will vary and will depend upon a number of factors including the amount of wear the jewellery receives but usually lasts anywhere from 6 months under harsh conditions to years if looked after well.